17 April, 2019

HCU 130K

Before the race


The registration will open at November 1, 2020. The race is fully subscribed when 150 participants have registered. The deadline for registration is May 31, 2021. If you can´t participate and want to sell your spot, you can always sell it on the private market. Any change of name is made via a link to the receipt that is sent out upon registration, but no later than May 31, 2021.

Registration fee

The registration fee is SEK 800 and it is then included bus transport on Friday at 8.00 PM from Örnsköldsvik to the start at the High Coast Bridge. Please mark if bus is wanted or not in the registration form.

It also includes service during the race, transport to the finish if you have to drop the race, our finisher shirt, food and drink at the finish and honorary awards to the main in each class.


Ladies and men’s class

ITRA points

High Coast Ultra 2021 entitles all finishers 5 ITRA points,  which can be used for example Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® (UTMB)


No cancellation can be made, but we refer to the private market for sales. Change of name is made by the person who is registered via a link on the receipt, however by 31 May 2021 at the latest.

Change of name

If you sell your spot you can change the name by send us a email with information of the new participant. Change must be made before May 31 2021.


For accommodation, we recommend the hotels or hostels in Örnsköldsvik.

Required and recommended equipment

Equipment list will be listed in the race PM

Race bibs

Starting envelopes will be handed out between 19.00 – 20.00 at the parking lot outside FV-stugan where the buses to the start also depart. For those of you who will go straight to the start, starting envelopes will be handed out from about 21.15 in the designated room at the High Coast Hotel.

Dressing rooms

No dressing rooms will be located at FV-stugan or Hotell Höga Kusten due to Covid-19.

Transport to the start

The buses to the start departs from the parking lot below FV-stugan at 20.00 for those who signed up. We ask you to be in time to the bus as it is important that the bus goes on time. The bag you want to have at the finish is left before boarding the bus, bring the outher drop bags with you on the bus to the start.

Extra bus is deployed so as not to exceed 30 passengers per bus. Face mask and rubbing alcohol are mandatory for the bus journey and are provided when boarding. We encourage as many as possible to try to get to the start with their own transport.

Parking for those who go in their own car to start is at the parking lot next to Hotel Höga Kusten

If delay for any reason arises and you do not have time to get to the bus, please contact competition management at +46722151388. We want to know who is going with the bus so we don’t leave anyone behind.

Drop bags

Runners will be able to send two dropbags to any food and control station in Skule, Näske or Sandlågan – and one bag to the finish at Varvsberget. Those of you who go by bus from Örnsköldsvik to the start leave the bag to the finish before boarding the bus.

Pre race briefing

No race briefing will take place. We will send you a e-mail with last changes and info.

During the race


The start will take place on Friday, June 11 at 22.00 at the playground behind the Höga Kusten Hotel. We will adapt a “Corona-start” with a so-called wave start: we release the start field in 3 rounds at shorter intervals (max 1 min). Location on the ground indicates where you can position yourself, all to keep distance in the starting field. In the first starting group, only those who aspire to top position themselves or chases previous course records. If you are not in a hurry and your goal is to complete the race, we expect you to choose a later starting group, even if it means a few minutes extra to your end time.

Course description

The race will go along the High Coast Trail. The substrate varies from asphalt to extremely technical stone and root paths. The trail is marked with orange markings and blue-white signs. The organizer has improved markings on certain points, with own signs, to minimize the risk of getting lost. For people with red / green color blindness, the orange markings can be difficult to see.

On two occasions you will deviate from the trail:

  • At the start for about 700m
  • Before the finish where the last 5 km will follow a well marked path.

Familiarize yourself with the course in advance, use this link and the course descriptions available on the website. The organizer will not hand out maps as in previous years.

Read also the Rules and regulations for the race.

  • Distance: 130 km
  • Maximum time: 25 hours 30 min
  • Elevation gain: Approximatly 3500 meters
  • Ground:
    • Trail: 47%
    • Gravel road 38%
    • Asphalt: 15%

Dangerous passages

Parts of the race also run along car roads and there runners must show special caution to the traffic, especially at the passages below. Normal traffic rules apply during the race.

The runners pass over the E4 just after Skule food check. Be very careful here as the traffic often passes at well over 130 km / h. A flag guard will help you with oversight in case of crossing.

When crossing the lock at Moälven, about 125 km into the race, we look at the possibility of using a boat (alternatively we have to change the course). The lock is undergoing renovation and k not be used this year. You get a life jacket and a maximum of four runners can be transported at a time. This can in exceptional cases mean a few minutes of waiting.


Manual timing takes place at the race’s food and control stations and will be published live via a link on the website. Be sure to make yourself visible at all stations for the official who clocks the station time.

First Aid

There are simpler first aid materials as well as first-aid-trained crew at every food and control station and at the finish.

Food and control stations

Food and control stations are located at Mädan 38 km,  Skule 75 km, Näske 96 km and Sandlågan 112 km. At each station there are water, sport drink with lemon taste, coffee, Coke/Fanta, vegetable broth, bananas, salted cucumber, something salty (chips/nuts), something sweet (candy/ chocolate), buns or other sweet bread. Vegetarian options are available at every station.

Beside this there are also served the following at these stations:

Mädan (38km): Warm blueberry soup

Skule Naturum (75km): Sandwiches (milk free), warm blueberry soup. At this station there are also access to toilets.

Näske (96km): Sausage with bread and mashed potatoes, shrimp salad, mustard and ketchup. Access to toilet in the village yard.

Sandlågan (112km): Sandwiches (milk free), light beer.

The finish at Varvsberget, Örnsköldsvik: Sport drink, chips, sodas and light beer. Food in the form of a wrap (also a gluten free, lactose free and vegetarian option).

Vegan, gluten-free and milk-free alternatives are available at each station for those who have pre-selected in the registration. The following options are available: Delicato balls (vegan), Delicato biscuits (gluten-free), Tutti Frutti Orginal sweets (vegan, lactose-free), biscuit chocolate vegan, corn cakes (gluten-free), broth (vegan), vegetarian sausage

Based on Covid-19, no self-service will be applied. You ask the officials for what you want from the table.

Self-service Water stations

Water bottles are available for filling bottles and liquid bubbles as follows (approximate distance):

Lövvik 10 km, Fjärdbotten 20 km, Lidebron 27 km, Vedasjön 47 km, Ullånger 59 km, Skoved 68 km, Entre Syd 85 km, Hålviken 104 km, Utby 118 km, Svedjeholmen 124 km.

Please note that there is only water at these stations and that no mugs are provided. Hand alcohol is placed at each station – use it!

Cut off times

Runners who have not registered at the checkpoint at the following times, are not allowed to continue the competition:

Mädan, 38 km: 04.00 (6 hrs)

Skuleberget, 75 km: 10.30 (12.5 hours)

Näske, 96 km: 15.30 (17.5 hrs)

Sandlågan, 112 km: 19.00 (21 hrs)

Finish Örnsköldsvik, 130 km: 23.30 (25.5 hours)


If competitors can´t proceed to finish the race, this must be done at one of the food and control station or unmanned water stations, if its possible. If you can´t proceed you must contact any one from the crew or call the race manager +46722151388

Support and pacer

Support from own support team or outher persons may only be done in direct connection with food and control stations. It is therefore not allowed to receive assistance at the track or at the water stations provided by the organizer.

It is allowed to run with pacers after passing the food and control station in Sandlågan 112 km. Pacers must follow the same rules that´s applyed to the runners. Pacers must not carry food and drink for the runners and are not allowed to help the runner in any other way, for example by pulling the runner with the aid of a rubber band .

After the race

Food service

In connection with the finish, there will be sports drinks, coffee, soft drinks and beer. Warm food will be served, example a wok roll (vegan, gluten and milk-free alternative)


The result is published live during the race. Final results are then presented on the website.

Price ceremony

All runners who complete the race receive a finisher t-shirt sent home. Prizes will be given to the top three in each class.


No dressing room or shower is offered based on Covid -19. Target bags and dropbags are transported there by the organizer and handed out by officials. The destination is about 700m from Örnsköldsvik’s travel center and about 1 km from the central hotels.